Wet & Soppy​​​​​​​

A weather-tormented man who just wants to dry his underwear is forced to use the local laundromat each evening.

written and directed by Cliona Noonan
supported by Animation Skillnet

storyboard artists: Naoise Dempsey, Sharon Byrne, Brian Fanning 
background artists: Muireann Mills, Ciara O'Shaughnessy
animators: Becky Reid, Ian McCall, Nadine McLaughlin, Saoirse Kavanagh, Cliona Noonan
compositors: Abigail Nangle, Brigette Heffernan, Evija Velpa, John Hanley
character designer: Cliona Noonan 

music composition & audio production: Maria McGrath
team leads: Patrick O'Callaghan, Fran Johnston, India Swift, Oisin Reynolds
producer: Stephen Fagan
supervising director: Sean Cunningham

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